To DSE candidates

It probably is a very nerve wracking day for all you DSE candidates and parents out there. My sincerest wish to you all for achieving your target results and getting into your dream schools.

No matter the outcome, just remember life is full of change and uncertainty. Life itself presents us with questions and challenges that we might have never imagined. Loss of a loved one, betrayal by your best friend, discrimination for your religion/sexuality/race/socioeconomic status. Facing life requires a very different skills-set than coping with standardised tests, and sorry, no there is no marking scheme or syllabus in life, and no markers to judge whether your life is more “successful” than others. You, are the one who is making the most out of it.

No matter what academic/career path you will choose after today, embrace the opportunity and equip yourself with the right tools to face life’s many challenges.




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