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From working with various stakeholders promoting youth policy to life coaching and project management; Benita’s passion, skills, and education have allowed her to contribute in many areas and enrich lives, especially youth. Benita’s initial academic background is in Biology, with degrees at Cornell University and Boston University and she is formally trained in education, coaching and career counseling subsequently.

With her previous experience as a coach, student affairs advisor and project manager in Outward Bound Hong Kong and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Youth Arch Foundation, Benita is a firm believer in developing one’s potential and she has been able to coach youth toward successful pathways.

Benita’s proven track record of working with youth, government, non-profits and businesses is reflected in her substantial achievements that promote diversity and inclusion. With a multilingual and diverse background, Benita can connect and engage different organizations through regular talks and workshops on career counselling and mentoring, gender equality and diversity, feminism, and LGBT+ rights. In her spare time, she created and guides an award-winning Walking Tour that explores Hong Kong’s LGBTQ history & culture. As an interview guest on programs such as NHK World ‘Direct Talk’ and China’s Daily, Benita has further advanced the goal of diversity and inclusion within the community as well as promoting effective advocacy and progress.

Recently, Benita has been practicing more on mindfulness, and trying to use her skills in organizing mindful dating events with some of the real stories she has encountered.

For her detailed professional profile, please find Benita on LinkedIn.